Please email us at to ask how and where you can be involved.  We will let you know any specific ways we can train you once we hear from you.  

What qualifies you to be involved?  If you love Jesus and want to pray and worship you are qualified to be involved.  Many people feel pressure to be amazing at praying or singing but all of us at UHOP are weak but sincere believers who are growing in prayer and worship.  

You can get involved in many different ways and we can help train you in most of these areas.  



Prayer Leader

Intercessor in the room

Sound Tech

What to do in the Prayer Room

You can do your devotional times, study your Bible, pray for yourself, pray for the city with us from your chair, pray in small group prayer times, and pray for the city on the microphone.  You can sit in your chair or walk around and pray.  You are free to come and go as you please and you are welcome to stay in the room as long as you want during scheduled hours.