Closed on Mondays


6:00am-7:15am (P53 Meditation Group – Coffee Provided! 6:00am-7:15am meditation in the prayer room, 7:15am-7:30am discussion)

6:00am-8:00am (Worship with the Word)

8:00-12:00pm (IHOPKC Worship Webstream)


6:00am-7:30am (Intercession – Praying for the Church of Sioux Falls)

7:30am-12:00pm (IHOPKC Worship Webstream)

Prayer Room Closes at 10am


6:00am-8:00am (Worship with the Word)

7:30am-12:00pm (IHOPKC Worship Webstream)


6:00am-8:00am (Intercession – Praying for Native America and the Ending of Human Trafficking in the Region)

7:30am-12:00pm (IHOPKC Worship Webstream)

Malachi 4:6 Prayer Meeting (6:15pm-7:30pm)

(Worship and Intercession – Praying for Revival in the Region). This prayer meeting is designed to bring kids forth into worship and intercession by equipping them to pray, modeling it for them, and including them in all that we do in the prayer meeting. 6:15 – Connect time, 6:30 = Dance Worship, 6:45 – Acoustic Worship, 7:00 – Group Prayer, 7:15 – Ministry Time.