Our prayer model is based on the model created at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City.  Our prayer model mixes both prayer and worship and has its values rooted on 1 Corinthians 12-14.  Our structure promotes spontaneous times of prayer and worship and allows worship teams to communicate easily with each other.

Intercession Sets

We start every intercession set with a few worship songs.  After the worship songs the worship team will begin to sing their own spontaneous songs to the Lord.  Everyone in the room is invited to sing their own songs to the Lord at this time.  The prayer leader, who will be sitting by the prayer microphone, will announce when the intercession time begins and what the prayer topic is for the set.  Anyone in the room, whether it’s your first time or not, is invited to come pray on the microphone.  The worship team will sing your prayer after you have finished so that the entire room can sing the prayer together.

The prayer leader will invite people to pray in different ways throughout the set.  There will be times of small group prayer and times where people can line up for quick prayers back to back.  Everybody is welcome to pray on the microphone under the prayer leader’s guidance.

Worship with the Word Sets

These sets are focused on meditating on Bible passages in a devotional manner.  The worship team will sing worship songs at the beginning and then take time to sing through a Bible verse or Bible chapter as a team.  They will sing spontaneously through each verse and develop choruses for the room to sing.  You can join in prayer by meditating on the Bible verse through the set, singing your own mediations at your seat, and by singing the choruses together with the team.

Devotion Sets

These sets are usually done by one person on their instrument.  They will sing worship songs, sing through Bible passages, or sing spontaneous songs.  You can engage in any way that you would like during these sets.  These are usually good sets to read your Bible, journal, or pray devotional prayers.