UHOP is a City-Wide Ministry that seeks to establish a 24/7 house of prayer in Sioux Falls unto a historic breakthrough of God’s power in the region.  We seek to equip believers in forerunner lifestyles that impact the lost and oppressed.

1st Commandment

We call people to love God with all of their hearts, souls, mind, and strength.  This means coming into agreement with God’s ways of love in every area of our lives.  We call people to love God through wholehearted obedience to His ways and believe this is an offering of love to Him.  We also believe that the place of holiness is the place of true joy and love.  Believers will experience more of God’s presence as we get free from areas of sin and believers will display more love to those around them as they come into agreement with God in obedience.  

City-Wide Effort

The Lord has called us to mobilize local believers in corporate prayer and worship.  UHOP’s vision of 24/7 prayer is a city-wide effort that requires not only  full-time staff that labor in the prayer room but the participation of churches from all over the city.  UHOP is a gathering place of prayer and worship for all believers in the city.  

24/7 Prayer

We are excited about each hour of prayer that goes on in the prayer room now and at the same time we are reaching for every hour of the day to be covered in prayer.  Why 24/7 prayer?  Because God is worthy of unceasing worship as displayed by the night and day worship around His throne (Revelation 4), because He calls us to be intimate with Him, and because He requires night and day prayer in order to release the fullness of His power in our region (Luke 18, Isaiah 62, Acts 2).  

Worship Based Prayer

Our prayer model combines live worship and prayer in order to sustain long hours of enjoyable and united intercession.  A worship context causes hearts to come alive in God, unites people at the heart level, and sustains hearts in prayer through intimacy and fascination with God.  Intimacy based intercession flows best in the context of live worship.   Prayer and worship naturally flow together in the heart of God (Revelation 5:8).  Even around His throne room prayer and worship are mixed together.  

Intercession for the Harvest

Our corporate prayer times are focused on praying for corporate needs in the city, both for the Church to be strengthened and for the lost to saved and delivered.  Our focus is on praying for the city rather than praying for personal needs as a group.  We are earnestly believing and contending for multitudes to be saved through our prayers. 

Historic Revival

We are praying for a historic revival in our nation.  This includes the Church being filled with power and love, and millions being saved and transformed in America.  The outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts was a down payment and a partial fulfillment of what God wants to do in the end-times.  This high vision requires a radical commitment to persistent corporate prayer.  We fully value and promote walking in the power of the Spirit right now and at the same time we are believing for a much greater measure to come.

Forerunner Lifestyle

We value training people in lifestyles like John the Baptist.  John was a forerunner who lived simple and was set apart for God’s purposes in order to be a voice for what God was doing in his generation.  We seek to train people in lifestyles of prayer, fasting, and Sermon on the Mount values to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, and to have Biblical understanding of what God is going to do in the end-times so they can prepare people to fully participate with God in the events that are coming before His return. 

Equipping Ministry

We value training and equipping believers to walk out the first and second commandments with all their hearts (Matthew 22:37-39).  We also value training people that feel like intercession and worship is a primary calling in their lives, whether that is their full-time occupation or something they give themselves to aside from their marketplace assignment.  

Compassion Ministry

We have a strong value for caring for the poor, broken, and oppressed in our region.  It is on our hearts to minister to the fatherless, the oppressed of society, the physically and spiritually broken through various measures of hands on ministry.  We believe the Gospel is the primary gift we bring to the poor and oppressed so we combine sharing the Gospel with hands-on care in all that we do.


We believe that Israel still has a leadership role among the nations and that a great revival will come to Israel before the Lord’s return that will affect the spreading of the gospel to the nations.  We partner with God’s plans for Israel by praying for unbelieving Jews to know Jesus as their savior, Messianic Jews to be strengthened, and for houses of prayer to be established in the land (Isa 62:1-7; Ezek 36:23-36; Rom 11:1, 11-15, 25-27)