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Goals of the Prayer Room


The prayer room exists to provide an undistracted, worshipful atmosphere that encourages friendship with God. We desire this room to be a sacred meeting place between you and God. 


The prayer room exists to gather believers for daily prayer for the Midwest and America. We believe God will release a great awakening in America, but it will come through a partnership with God—extravagant, perseverant, and corporate intercession. If you want to pray with others or grow in prayer, the prayer room is an amazing context fully devoted to growing in prayer. 

Four Ministry Focuses

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Prayer Room

Mobilizing the Church of Sioux Falls to build a 24/7 house of prayer

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(Regional Vision) - Gathering the Church of the 5-State Midwest to days of prayer and fasting for revival in America
(City Vision) - Gathering ministries and leaders to strategic prayer meetings for the church or areas of justice

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Training believers in the Bible, prayer, worship, and the ministry of the Holy Spirit

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Praying for and partnering with local outreach ministries to see salvations, discipleship, and prayer increase

Our TEam

UHOP Leadership

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Jerry Mootz

Pastoral Team
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Jeff and Bethany Mootz

Pastoral Team
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Brandon Smith

Worship leader
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Bethany John

Worship Leader
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Aubrey Anderson

Children’s Coordinator


Enjoyable Prayer

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God is joyful and wants to fill us with joy and pleasures when we talk and sing to Him (Isaiah 56:7, John 15:9-11, Psalm 16:11, Psalm 145). The prayer room is built around enjoying God in prayer and leading others into a culture of enjoyable prayer. 

God-centered Prayer

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Our intercession times are focused on beholding God’s beauty and praying to Him rather than focusing entirely on the demonic realm or preaching in our prayers. We pray from the place of fascination with God and faith that we’re next to Him in His heavenly throne room.

Worship-based Prayer

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Worship and prayer are combined in the prayer room to sustain a God-centered, intimate posture in intercession and meditation. Worship brings intimacy, unity, joy, and the gifts of the Spirit to prayer meetings.

Bible-based Prayer

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Our meditation and intercession times are all focused on praying the Bible back to God from our hearts. This focus causes us to grow in understanding God's heart, His language, and His promises in the Bible.

Corporate Prayer

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The prayer room is open for you to pray as an individual, but we also have corporate times of praying or meditating together because we believe in the power of praying together in unity and meditating on the Bible together.