encounter church Sioux Falls

Encounter God . Pray for Revival . Transform lives

Church Vision Statement

Encounter God

Our greatest pursuit is experiencing the heart of God in our individual and corporate times. From the place of encounter, we overflow to those around us.

Pray for Revival

Our mission is to raise up revival intercessors who lead a prayer culture. 

Transform lives

We transform lives through 1-on-1 discipleship that’s centered around encountering God.

Church Vision Statement

Encounter Church is a group of believers growing in friendship with one another as we grow in friendship with God together. We chose the name “Encounter” because we long to be a people who encounter the beauty and love of God— overflowing with fascination and freedom on the inside. We desire you to find like-minded friends here who want to know the deep things of God’s heart and walk life out together in practical ways.

our Belief Statement

Church DNA

These five values describe who we are and how we pursue our mission. Each one is necessary for a healthy church and is interwoven.

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What to Expect on Sundays

Our gathering

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We meet from 10:00am-11:30am every Sunday.

Worship time

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Our worship time lasts 30-40 minutes and sometimes includes moments of individuals praying out loud or the worship team creating spontaneous songs to sing together. We also encourage singing in the Spirit (1 Corinthians 14:14). 
Kids are a part of the worship time and are invited to play one of the percussion instruments that are up front. Having them play can be loud or messy at times, but we want them to be a part of worship at their own level. 

Children's classes

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After worship—one of our staff will direct parents to where the children's classes are. We currently have a nursery for 6-month-2-year-olds, a 3-6 year old class, and a 7-12 year old class.

Bible teaching

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Next is bible teaching time, which lasts 35-45 minutes and ends with group prayer or praying over one another in response to the message. We invite you to ask questions or comment on the teaching points during the teaching time.

After the teaching time

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We fully embrace the gifts of the Holy Spirit, so we invite people to pray over one another for healing, present prophetic impressions or dreams to leaders to share, and encourage praying and singing in tongues, viewing tongues as a way to connect with God.

small group

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Immediately after service, we share a meal. A rotation of adults supervises the children. You are invited to join us without bringing food the 1st time, and then we can include you in the sharing process for future weeks if you’re interested in visiting again.